Scratcher LOVE – panther

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Advantages of our cat tree:
– durable
– safe for cats
– made by hand with attention to every detail
– elegant and unique design
– huge scratching surface
– disinfected twice



An exclusive furniture for a cat that impresses not only with its appearance, functionality, but above all with its durability. The LOVE scratcher by Kapak Store Pets is a cat furniture made with attention to every detail. Five-layer, high-weight cardboard was used to create this unique product. It is characterized by very high strength, thanks to which the scratcher does not break or leave dust. Each scratcher, just before packing into the shipping box, is sterilized twice, which makes our product completely safe for the cat.


Your cat will gain not only a huge scratching surface, but also an ideal place for an afternoon nap, thanks to the specially profiled surface of the scratcher. Additional holes inside the scratcher will certainly make cat’s fun more attractive.

We know how much cats love to play in a cardboard boxes, so to meet the expectations of our cat customers, we have designed a unique shipping box. After pulling out the scratcher, thanks to the perforated holes, the cardboard box can be used as an additional toy for cats.


Model: LOVE
Color: panther
Size: 77 x 25 x 27 cm
Weight: ~ 7 kg

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 77 × 25 × 27 cm

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