Kapak Store – quality and aesthetics of workmanship

The cat tree is a “must have” in every cat’s home. It is not only a place to sharpen claws, but is also a convenient area for lounging, observing or having fun.

Usually, a cat tree is associated with something inelegant, disfiguring the room. At Kapak Store we focus primarily on the quality of the products, as well as their aesthetics and uniqueness. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding the colors and selection of high quality materials.

With our products we want to prove that thanks to well-chosen colors the cat scratcher can become a home decoration that will fit into your interior.

High quality is not only aesthetics and proper selection of materials, it is also safety for animals and comfort of use. Kapak Store scratchers are made of strong, five-layer cardboard, FSC certified, which makes it possible to distinguish wood products that originate from responsible forest management based on the principles of sustainable development and responsible practices.

In addition to high-quality cardboard, an important factor affecting the life of the cat scratcher is the way the sheets are joined and cut. Our products are handmade with the assistance of qualified personnel who, with attention to every detail, cuts and joins individual sheets of cardboard. Thanks to the selection of cuality of cardboard and the manual method of producing cat scratchers, we gain not only greater product durability, but also safety. Our scratchers are free of post-production dust, which most often appears with products made in Asia.

The advantage that distinguishes Kapak Store products, from other products available on the market, is care for the safety of cats. Each of our scratchers and cardboard houses, just before safe-packing them, is sterilized what makes it free from bacteria. This factor is particularly important for sensitive cats or those with reduced immunity.

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