Kapak Store

A different view

on cardboard




A different view on cardboard

Kapak Store

At Kapak Store, we create unusual cardboard products: enviroment-friendly, exclusive and unique. We pay attention to every detail, carefully controlling the quality of work at every stage of production.


By buying a product marked with the Kapak Store brand – you get luxury in organic form.

Ecological production

Made from durable,

FSC- certified cardboard


Unique design and possibility of configuration

our product according to your taste.


Made by hand with

attention to every detail.

High quality making

Our products are made of cardboard derived from high-density kraft paper, which, unlike popular recycled paper, is strong, does not break and does not dust.

Innovative ideas

The baggage of experience and years of intense work allowed us to build a company that today enjoys the trust of many customers, while constantly looking for new development directions. We are a close-knit team with many years of experience.

Heads full of ideas and maximum commitment to every project are our hallmarks!!